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About Roberto

Roberto Herrera is an argentine dancer, choreographer and teacher of Tango Argentino and Argentine Folklore.


With over 50 years of experience, participating in the biggest and most important Tango and Folklore projects all over the world, Roberto is among the most experienced Tango and Folklore dancers and teachers worldwide.


The unique combination of his deep knowledge in Tango as well as in Folklore makes him an outstanding artist and teacher of both dance styles. No one else in the world may claim to have this kind of extraodinary experience in Tango combined with argentine Folklore like Roberto Herrera.

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Roberto Herrera

Tango Argentino & Folklore

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

Milestones of Roberto´s career

Roberto Herrera, el maestro de los maestros, Tango dancer, choreographer and teacher with more than
25.000 hours of given lessons and more than 45 years of professional Tango career.

He was the leader of the soloist dance couple of Osvaldo Pugliese, Leopoldo Federico, Sexteto Mayor
and many more.
He was the first dancer and chorography assistant of the National Ballet of Folklore of Argentina.
He is the creator of the Tango show of the Casa de Tango ‘El Querandí’ and was dancing in the biggest
Tango companies like ‘Tango Argentino’, ‘Tango Pasión’, ‘Tanguera’ and others.

Since 2005 he is the director of his own Tango Company – the Herrera Tango Company – which tours
around the world, presenting in more than 300 shows his own Tango spectacles, like 'Tango de Buenos
Aires', 'Tango Nuevo', 'El Tango' and others.

In 2012 he founded the Herrera Tango Academy, which today consists of three branches in Buenos
Aires, Milan and Munich.
Roberto is teaching in the Tango festivals all around the world and is member of the jury of the Tango
World Championship of Buenos Aires.

Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Pugliese, Tango Argentino, Recuerdo, Mala Junta, Chiqué, El llorón
  • 1986 - 1992 Primer bailarin and assistant choreographer of the newly formed Argentine National Folkloric Ballet, directed by Santiago Ayala "El Chúcaro" and Norma Viola.
  • In 1990 he joined the show "Imagenes de Tango y Folklore" with choreography by A.M. Stekelman.
  • In 1991 he joined the house show "Michelangelo", along with Roberto Goyeneche, the Sexteto Mayor, Raúl Lavié, Adriana Varela and Maria Graña.
  • 1992 he was part with Carolina Iotti of the emblematic show "Tango Argentino", directed by Claudio Segovia, at the Lola Membrives theater, BsAs
  • 1992 - 1995 together with Vanina Bilous they were the soloist couple of the Great Orchestra of Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese.

Roberto Herrera, Vanina Bilous, Tango Pasion, Tango Argentino, Tanguera, Osvaldo Pugliese
  • 1992 - 1995 he joined the company Tango Pasión, choreographic direction of H. Zaraspe and with the Sexteto Mayor orchestra. Tours in Europe, USA and Japan
  • 1995 - 1999 he was the creator and director of the show "Tango, a Story", in the legendary bar "El Querandí".
  • 1996 - 1997 Dancer with the Leopoldo Federico orchestra, 2 tours of Japan.
  • 1996 Dancer and choreographer with the Julian Plaza orchestra, tour of Japan.
  • 1998 - 1990 Dancer and choreographer with the Beba Pugliese orchestra, 2 tours of Japan.
  • 2000 With Lorena Yacono in "Tango Argentino" for two months at the Gershwin Theater on Broadway, New York.
  • Since 2000 he has taught classes and performed on the 5 continents, as a guest of the most prestigious festivals and events.

Roberto Herrera, El Tango, Tango Show, Agustina Piaggio
  • Since 2002 he has been the director of his company "Roberto Herrera Tango" performing more than 300 performances around the world with shows such as "Tango de Buenos Aires".
  • 2002 he presented with his company Roberto Herrera Tango the show "Tango de Hoy" within the framework of the Football World Cup in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Since 2003 (the year it began) he has been a member of the World Tango Championship Jury.
  • 2003 Part of the 20th anniversary show "Tango Argentino".
  • 2004 Guest show act as Primer Bailarin in the musical "Tanguera"
  • 2005 Premiere of his new show "Tango Nuevo".
  • 2012 "Master Trainer and Popular Argentine Dance Transmitter" Award, granted by the Argentine Dance Council (C.A.D).
  • 2013 Author, choreographer and dancer of the show "Moda e Tango, una passione", an event held during the “Milano Donna Moda” week.
  • 2006 - 2018 Performances of his show "Tango" / "El Tango" and variations of the show.


Tango Argentino, Tango Munich, Tango Show, Tango Maestro, Ani Andreani, Roberto Herrera
  • 2020

- Folklore Festival Baradero with the Herrera Tango Company

- Tango Online - Asia

- Opening of Herrera Tango Academy in Munich (in Coop. Tango genial)

- Reading Tango Festival online

  • 2021

- Re-performance of his show 'El Tango' in Piacenza

- Tango Show in Musical Salon, Deutsches Theater Munich

  • 2022

- Imola Tango Festival

- Munich Tango Weekend, with the Tango World Champions

- Reading Tango Festival

- Divina Milonga Munich

- Chiavari International Tango Festival

- Tango Musical Chiavari


  • til today:

Tours to Asia, Europe and South America. Courses, workshops and shows at renowned tango festivals around the world: BsAs, Rio de Janeiro, Puerto Rico, Rome, London, Athens, Fukuoka, Taipai, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Lisbon, Orlando, Washington, Trieste, Rimini, Genova, Antwerp, Valencia, Munich, Berlin... and much more.


Teaching  & classes

Roberto is one of the best known and most experienced tango and folklore dancers and teachers worldwide.

Many top-class tango dancers have and do take lessons from him and are continuously inspired by his concepts. Among his students are Ezequiel Paludi, Sabrina & Ruben Veliz, tango world champions such as Fernando Rodríguez, Natacha Poberaj, Agustina Piaggio, Agustín Agnez and Barbara Ferreyra. That's why Roberto is also called el Maestro de los Maestros (the teacher of the teachers) among connoisseurs.

As such, Roberto is best known for his positive nature. He's not stingy with praise, but he also knows exactly which positions still need improvement and why these adjustments will inspire your tango.


His huge experience, his drive for perfectionism and his love for details will bring you closer to the true essence of Tango (and Folklore, too).

Of course, you don't have to be a tango professional to enjoy Roberto's lessons. Roberto welcomes everybody, from total beginners to professionals.

Let him inspire you, too!

Roberto Herrera, Tango Teacher, Learn Tango, Tango steps, Privatelesson Roberto Herrera

Why taking private classes with Roberto

  • More than 45 years of incomparable high quality experience in Tango and Folklore
  • Roberto really knows, what he is speaking about
  • Learning by positve feedback
  • Flexible according to your availability
  • Individuell according to your needs

Munich -Germany

Roberto´s base camp is located in Munich, Germany.

Here you can find him for Tango private classes, workshops and shows, for Tango as well as for Folklore.

Prizes for Tango private lessons:

1 x 60min: 100€

3 x 60min: 270€

from the 4th package of 3 x 60min on: 240€


For total beginners:

1 x 60min: 80€, valid for the first 10 classes


Please note, that there are no free trail lessons.


Prizes for Folklore lesson:

25€ / person /  60min, with min. 2 persons / course


Tango Argentino München, Tango lernen München, Tango Unterricht München, Tango Kurs München, Roberto Herrera, Maestro de los Maestros

Private classes are hold in München Fürstenried-West. The exact address will be comunicated with your booking. All prices without garantee. For actual prizing see:

 For further questions and booking contact:

  • WhatsApp: +49 176 34172669
  • Mail:
  • or via the contact form


Milan (IT) & Buenos Aires (Arg)

You can find Roberto at the Herrera Tango Academy for private and groupal lessons in Milan (Italy) and in Buenos Aires (Arg), too.


Next dates of his visits there will be comunicated here.

Tango Argentino München, Tango lernen München, Tango Unterricht München, Tango Kurs München, Roberto Herrera, Maestro de los Maestros

Shows & Festivals

You are looking for a Tango Show, a show act or a maestro for your theater, event or festival?


Then you are here in the right place!


Roberto Herrera, is dancer, maestro (master teacher), choreographer, director and showman and will make your event a big one.


You can book Roberto for:

  • Theater shows
  • Tango festivals
  • Folklore festivals
  • Workshops
  • Showact (fair, company party, wedding, birthday...)
  • Choreographer for Tango escenario competition
  • ...

Do you have a special request? Don´t hestitate to contact Roberto or his booking manager Ani:

WhatsApp +49 176 34172669

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Roberto Herrera &

Vanina Bilous

Orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese live


Baradero, Arg., 1993

Roberto Herrera &

Ani Andreani

Orchestra Romantica Milonguera

Todo es Amor

Munich, Ger., 2022

Roberto Herrera


Malambo con Boleadoras

Stuttgart, Ger., 2008

Roberto Herrera &

Ani Andreani

Hugo Diaz

El Llorón

Reading, UK, 2022

Roberto Herrera &

Natacha Poberaj

Bajo Fondo Tango Club

Mi corazón & Folklore

Genova, IT, 2004

El Tango

Show of Tango & Folklore

Dirc. Roberto Herrera

Piacenza, IT., 2021

Roberto Herrera &

Silvana Capra

Walter Rios

La Cumparsita

Taipei, Taiwan, 2008

Roberto Herrera &

Laura Legazcue

Juan D'Arienzo

Yuyu brujo

Istanbul, Tur., 2015

National Folklore Ballett Argentina

Tansition of the Gaucho to a Guapo

Dirc. Santiago Ayala el Chucaro

Festival de Cosquín, Arg. 1991

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